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We are a mobile app development company which helps organisations of all kinds to create apps with smart features.You can avail the following exciting features if you create android app and iOS app through us

app features of our mobile app development company

Broadcast Targeted Messages

The app will feature the ability to send immediate communication. You can pick the recipients as your liking. You get to attach URLs, images and PDFs. The selected app users will get a notification when you send out a broadcast and they can reply on the same

Custom Forms

You can create customised forms which are visible to the selected users in the app. You will be able to receive alerts on submissions and examine the data submitted. Our product also has offline functionality which enables users to fill forms while not connected to internet, these are later synced
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payments feature of our mobile app

Collect payments and order requests

The business can showcase their product inventory and receive payments from the customers through the app. Also, customers can request for quotes for products and services. All the order and payments details will be available at one place

Ticketing feature

The organisation can give its users the ability to raise concerns/complaints/suggestions. The user can then receive updates for the progress being made on the concerned matter as they are updated by the organisation
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information center feature

Information Center

It features a capability to classify and exhibit significant details for the app users. You can develop personalized sections and pages. The users can access information all the time, including when they are offline

Application Integration

Your app can work seamlessly with the existing softwares being used in your organisation. Webhooks and APIs enable exchange of data and communication with your existing solutions, thus ensuring that you get the best out of your technology infrastructure
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