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How It Helps You

  • Showcase products to prospective clients, send and receive real time communication
  • Keep a track of work in your organisation and ensure increased productivity
  • Analyse all data at one place, forget the hassle of paper and multiple platforms
android app maker for SMEs
  • Manage your workforce efficiently, allocate work and receive status updates
  • Segregate employees into teams and send targeted communication
  • Give employees a platform to reach out to you and improve work culture and productivity
Best App Builder
  • Be a part of the Digital India movement and forget the hassle of paperwork
  • Let citizens know of initiatives and developments through regular alerts
  • Give citizens a medium to share feedback and grievances to increase their confidence
app builder for governments
  • Take the lead by adopting technology to solve everyday problems
  • Keep your audience updated with regular communication
  • Build a smart brand that customers trust; Automate core processes easily
App maker for individuals
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features of our app maker

Broadcast Targeted Messages

  • Send Instant Communication with Notifications
  • Choose the Recipients as You Wish
  • Attach URLs, Images and PDFs

Custom Forms

  • Build Customised Forms
  • Get Alerts on Submissions and Analyse Data submitted
  • Fill Forms Offline
Features of our app builder
payments feature of our mobile app

Collect payments and order requests

  • Showcase your products and services
  • Receive payments and order requests
  • See and analyse all data in one place
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How it works


Sign up with your email and organisation’s name,
choose your sub-domain


Choose your app’s name, logo, languages,
features and layout

DIY Step - Choose features

Choose the features that you want in your app
as per your business requirement

See how Forbinary transforms work & improves processes

Our Success Stories

forBinary provides very fast App creation at a very effective price with lots of features as per our agribusiness requirement. Continuous customer support is very helpful. My best wishes to the forBinary team
- Lasnaro Agrovet Pvt Ltd
The product range offered by forBinary is innovative, practical and user friendly. It is very helpful for Marketing and PR. We’re impressed with the timely support which seems to be a rarity nowadays!
- Konkan Speciality Poly Products
Best in class apps can be made with the forBinary product quickly. It has helped our staff to improve our processes & easily engage with our clients.
- Prism Medical Equipments
This has been a successful collaboration and till now we have more than 5000 citizens through the platform & app made from forBinary.
- Gopalganj District Collectorate
Easily built an application to assist citizens with the election process. Very satisfied with the timely delivery and features.
- Allahabad District Collectorate

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to make apps in such a short time?+-
forBinary platform is the best app maker as it helps you build ready to use apps with features for simplifying communication and processes. Features like sending notifications with attachments, showcasing products, taking online orders & payments, customised forms, ticketing system are pre-built into the app. You can customise the name, logo, languages supported, colour, layouts, organisation structure, app home page design to give a unique identity to your app using our app maker.
What are the different kinds of app that you offer? +-
Using our app builder, you can make two types of apps which solve different use cases based on a very broad classification
Internal App - Only mobile numbers you specify can access the app. This type of app is used for workforce and process management, data collection and as a centralised communication channel
External (Public) App - Anyone can login with their mobile number. Used for communicating and engaging with existing and potential customers.
How do I manage the app and see the data sent by app users?+-
Along with the ability to create android app online, you also get a sub-domain where you can access your CMS (Content Management System). You can send out updates to your app users, see the data submitted and create, customise and manage your app's content.
How is the pricing done?+-
We have annual subscription. The package is decided and customised as per your requirements and need like the type of app, the number of users and the total number of features. Currently, our basic package for android app development starts from INR 13,000 yearly.
Can the payment be made in instalments?+-
No. The payment for 1 year needs to be done at the start of the subscription. Free demo of 30 days is available.
How is forBinary better than other app developers?+-
As the best app builder, forBinary provides high quality mobile application without any hassle, in the shortest possible time and at the best price. forBinary’s iOS and android app maker specifically suits the needs of organisations of all kinds and sizes with features like multilinguality, offline capability, low app size, real time control etc. The building process is so easy that anyone can create android app online. Also with forBinary, you get free technology upgrades to keep your app updated with latest improvements and developments.
Why are your apps so affordable?+-
Apps are expensive because developers work specifically for your requirement. forBinary has understood the most generic requirements most organisations have. So we have put in a one-time effort to build the app maker which can be used to generate apps loaded with inbuilt smart features. These customisable readymade apps that can be used by millions of organisations – making the process of how to make an app a lot cheaper for everyone. forBinary is therefore the smartest choice for any organisation looking for an app builder.
I want to have a demo, What should i do?+-
Place an enquiry on our homepage and our customer support team will reach you to provide the demo. You can also call us directly at +91 9004319022.
Can I change my plan later?+-
Yes you can upgrade your plan at any time of your liking.
Can my app be put on the Play Store?+-
Yes. You can put the app on Play Store through your own account. If you don’t have one, forBinary can also put your app on the Play Store through our own account on your behalf.
Do you have a support team?+-
Yes. Forbinary has dedicated support team to resolve all your queries and help you out.
Where is the data of my app stored?+-
The data of your app is stored securely on forBinary Cloud. forBinary’s servers are located in Amazon web service’s world-­class, highly secure data centers utilizing state-­of-­the-art electronic surveillance and multi-­factor access control systems. All connections to ForBinary are secured via SSL/TLS. Any attempt to connect over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS.
Can this app be integrated with any other software?+-
forBinary apps & platform can be integrated with other softwares through custom development.Webhooks and APIs enable exchange of data and communication with your existing solutions, thus ensuring that you get the best out of your tech infrastructure. Incase you want to know more about the same, please contact us at

forBinary – India’s best App Builder Company

Ever in need of an app maker who develops an app for you within a very short time? forBinary helps organizations in developing multilingual apps without writing code, within few minutes. This app maker aids non-technical organizations like SMEs, MSMEs, large companies, enterprises, communities, governments, individuals and so forth. forBinary aids in increasing interactivity and ensures growth in productivity via apps and CMS that are customized per their requirements. forBinary is a young enterprising company, established by IIT alumni, who quit their lucrative careers to deliver solutions to issues that are faced by organizations across the world, particularly in the developing world. The app builder strives to help the next set of organizations who wish to go digital, and accomplish their objectives. We are developing a medium for them to setup and manage custom mobile solutions that foster engagement and productivity. We pride ourselves for being a team of people that believes in offering people value to their money. forBinary advocates creative thinking, collaboration and transparency. We are proud that as an android app maker, we have made 75 + clients happy and have over 10,000 success stories and the number is just growing with each passing day. We strive to be the best app builder and achieve all the business goals of our clients.

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